Kristen McNeely

consulting & family Counseling, INC.

Kristen McNeely

consulting & family Counseling, INC.

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need help managing complex feelings and behaviors...

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My goal is to help you feel empowered in supporting your children and their social-emotional needs. You don't need to be a perfect parent! I will support you with strategies that are backed by science, but practiced in reality.

I'm Kristen McNeely


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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Childhood Anxiety affects more than the child - 
It impacts the whole family.

Do you ever feel like you’re walking on eggshells around your child’s emotions? 

I am trained in both Cognitive Behavior Therapy and SPACE (Supportive Parenting of Anxious Childhood Emotions), two evidence-based treatments for childhood anxiety. I combine my mental and behavioral health education and experience to create a treatment plan that will work to support your child and their anxious feelings.

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I Help Parents Who Are Ready to...

Have the resources to support your child emotionally.

Know what to do to make changes using science backed strategies.

Finally receive ongoing guidance to see changes in your home.

Understand concerning behaviors and what factors could be contributing to them.

Behavior is Communication

School Based Support - IEP & 504 Plans - Behavior Support at Home - Community Based Behavior Support

that you are the best parent for your child and that even the best parents need help sometimes. My clinical approach will give you the tools you need to support your children long-term.

Combined with my solution-focused therapeutic approach, I use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you understand the "why" of your child's behaviors and help you support them in developing appropriate skills.

that behavior is nuanced - it is the result of a learning history that includes biology, family systems, culture, and parenting style.  

I believe

I believe

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